Change takes courage

I created Brave Move to recognise the everyday moments of courage that get us where we want to be. I wanted to bring creativity and an open mind to the exercise experience, helping others beat the barriers they face starting and excelling in a healthy lifestyle programme.

Exercise never came easy to me. It was intimidating, hard work and to be honest, most of the time made me feel pretty inadequate. I failed over and over to stick to what I thought I should achieve and never looked like the magazines I was flicking through.

That's because it turns out looking after my health needed to start with a lot more kindness then that. I found succeeding at my fitness goals wasn't really about ability, it was a head game. If I understood the way I was thinking about myself, the way I moved and what motivated me, I could use it to my advantage.


The wonderful thing was that it was a two way street. The more powerful my body became the stronger my mind did too. They began to look after each other - and this sent a positive ripple across my entire life.

I decided to become a Personal Trainer and founded Brave Move in order to help others over come this same battle.

A clear distinction is often made between mind and body but when considering mental and physical health the two should not be thought of as separate. I became driven to teach health and fitness in a way that considers all our messy imperfections; helping more people connect with their movement and feel the benefits deeply ingrained into their lives.

Now Brave Move has it's own studio that brings together like-minded health professionals that want to bring you more than just fitness - to reflect that good health lives, breathes and moves through every aspect of our lives and it is something we all deserve.

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